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On this page I will publish the articles in the series "A PC based home studio (from a guitarists point of view)", a tutorial I wrote for the original Harmony Central Guitar forum, which is now extinct and was replaced by a new forum. Most of the old time members migrated to the Guitar Diner site. What's more, these articles are also published on the excellent Soundbee Site - be sure to check it out, it's a great site about computer recording. I am active on that site, too.


Articles that should be read as a consecutive series:

Part I: Preparation
Part IIa: Chosing Hardware: The PC (without any audio hardware yet)
Part IIb: Chosing Hardware: The audio hardware for your PC (sound card and midi interface)
Part IIc: Chosing Hardware: Other peripherals like monitors (for sound, not visuals), a mixer, microphones, outboard gear etc.
Part III: Chosing Software
Part IV - Digital audio recording vs. analog audio recording - some background information
Part V - Some MIDI basics
Part VI - Working with a DAW

Articles that stand on their own:

Part VII - Equalisation

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